The Great Songs: Motor Away

by Eric Melin on August 25, 2010 · 0 comments

in Music

With The Great Songs series, my aim is simple: To offer up a different set of tunes as classic canon. Sometimes, the listmania that I suffer from is capitalized on by big mainstream outlets–everyone from Rolling Stone and Spin to VH1 and any number of cool British mags.

Critical consensus is a dangerous thing, so while you may see a couple songs on this list that pop up on other mainstream lists of important and classic rock tunes, most of theses choices will not be there.

Guided by Voices is a band that fits perfectly into the idea of The Great Songs. Every now and then a song comes around that is so perfect; so stunningly different in its simplicity that it makes you feel energized about the possibilities of rock music all over again. “Motor Away” is one of those songs.

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