Bob Harras is DC’s new Editor-in-Chief

by Cap'n Carrot on September 30, 2010 · 1 comment

in Comics!

DC Comics has a new Editor-in-Chief. I mention this only because Bob Harras was Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief from 1995-2000. During his time in the House of Ideas he was a story editor on X-Men, worked on Dazzler and ROM, oversaw critically acclaimed runs on Daredevil and Captain America, and was one of the story editors for the controversial Spidey Clone Saga (and is actually credited with bringing Norman Osborne back from the dead).

So my question is… does DC get the Scarlet Spider in the deal too? ‘Cause if that’s the case then I’m totally psyched! (Hey, it’s not like Marvel’s using him now).

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  • G.L.

    That would be a legal battle of epic proportions. Even if that was the case. Even IF! It would have to ensue a major cross over to explain how the SS jumped from one dimension to the other or he may have to call him the Scarlet Scorpion or some lame shit.

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