Comic Rack – Deadpool #27

by Cap'n Carrot on September 19, 2010 · 2 comments

in Comics!

Deadpool gets to meet his hero. And, wait, did Steve Rogers just offer to make Deadpool an Avenger? Okay, a Secret Avenger, but still!? Nah, he couldn’t have. But Rogers is known for looking for the best in people and trying to inspire and rehibilitate them. But this is Deadpool we’re talking about! Well… he did let Moon Knight in on the team. Hmm…

What? Oh, yeah. This issues about terrorists under a mini-mart. Or something.

Deadpool, Secret Avenger. Hmmm…

Worth a look.

[Marvel $2,99]

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  • G.L.


    DP has tried to become a good guy before. Remember the Joe Kelley run back in 96-97? I’ve never been a fan of the big blue boy scout but you’re right the man has a good judge of character.

    BTW-Moon Knight kicks ass. Maybe they’ll start a sort of black ops version of the Avengers. You know to do the dirty work?

    • deadpools the man

      OMF a blackops avengers team would be the coolest friggin thing ever, consists on moon knight, deadpool, maybe even cable!

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