Hawaii Five-0 Redux

by Cap'n Carrot on September 21, 2010 · 1 comment

in Audio Visual,Television

Everything old is new again, at least that seems to be the case in Hollywood. CBS has taken the old Hawaii Five-O and spruced it up into a new show starring Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, and Daniel Dae Kim. I had a mixed reaction to the Pilot (not to mention cringing at some of the dialogue), but it does bring back the classic theme (to which somewhere my old B&N pal Chandra is dancing) and gives us a premise that promises several more shots of Grace Park in a bikini. That can’t be all bad, now can it? Check out this clip introducing Park’s character to the rest of the team, and if you like it head over here to watch the full Pilot episode.

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  • G.L.

    OK I have never been a network TV kind of guy…ok not a TV guy period. But I have been looking forward to this show. At first it looked like any other cop series but then I saw the preview! Did they just show a guy getting ran the kcuf over by an ice cream truck through a house?!!! Oh yeah book ’em Danno.

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