Top 10 Stop-Motion Animation Films

by Eric Melin on September 14, 2010 · 0 comments

in Film

When Kansas City animation student Jessica Wisneski left a negative comment on a Scene-Stealers Top 10, I issued my usual challenge: Think you can do better? Write your own!

Hey, it may be a cheap tactic, but it works–and Scene-Stealers has gotten some of our best Top 10s from our loyal sitegoers. Today’s Top 10 is no exception. Even if Jess’s Top 10 had been full of Ray Harryhausen movies, it would have been pretty awesome, but the fact that she chose to limit his entries to one (and talk about/show many of his best scenes instead) means that there’s room for a whole lot of other really cool stop-motion goodness.

So check out the Top 10 Stop-Motion Animation Films, short or feature-length.

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