Now there’s a girl you wanna throw off a bridge!

by Cap'n Carrot on December 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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…or maybe it’s just me?

Yep, that’s Emma Stone giving us a look at her Gwen Stacy do for the next Spidey flick. I’m not sure why director Marc Webb went the Sam Raimi route by casting a redhead for the role and dying her hair (Bryce Dallas Howard), but I can only assume it’s some weird directive from Marvel Comics at this point. Actually, Stone looks not half bad as a blonde (her natural hair color). I’m a little more scared of the announcement of Irran Khan as the film’s second villain – the Proto-Goblin?! Really, Marvel? Why the Proto-Goblin? Did you think Hammerhead, Hypno-Hustler and Puma were just too bitchin’ to use? Oh, and Peter Parker’s parents will also be making an appearance in the movie. WTF?! Remember when you looked forward to Spidey flick? It’s looking like those days may be looooong gone.

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