Top Ten Top Gun 2 Title Suggestions

by Cap'n Carrot on December 15, 2010 · 1 comment

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Rumors persist that Jerry Bruckheimer, Tony Scott, and Tom Cruise will be reunited for a Top Gun sequel. Putting aside whether or not the film needs (or even deserves) a sequel there is the issue of what to call the movie. Because we’re always trying to be helpful we’ve come up with ten acceptable, and highly marketable, titles for Top Gun 2.

10. Top Gun 2: Danger Zone
9. Top Gun 2: Talk to Me Goose
8. Top Gun 2: That Loving Feeling
7. Top Gun 2: Even More Dangerous
6. Top Gun 2: Take My Breath Away
5. Top Gun 2: The Search for More Money
4. Top Gun 2: The Iceman Cometh
3. Top Gun 2: Playing with the Boys
2. Top Gun 2: The Need for Speed
1. Top Gun 2: Maverick and Iceman – A Love Story

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  • Iceman

    Nice! I created a list like this over a year ago. Check out my ideas.

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