Just Go With It

by mr sparkle on February 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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Hey wouldn’t it be funny if you got laid by a supermodel and fell in love with her and even considered marrying her less than a week after meeting her but to keep her you had to maintain a farce where you’re recently seperated from a woman who’s actually your closest friend and coworker and in the process you fell in love with her and her unconventional kids and instead of ever just coming clean you built the lie ever more deep and complex, perhaps only to further perpetuate the plot?

It’s not, but considering the fact that that’s the plot for Just Go With It, the latest from actor/director duo Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan, it doesn’t matter if it produces a single laugh – so far they’ve averaged a $116 million domestic gross.

They’ve been churned out like clockwork since 2007, one formulaic, unfunny, cinematically absent “comedy” a summer (the exception was 2009, when Sandler instead led Judd Apatow’s Funny People which, though a fraction as financially successful as his Dugan collaborations, was unique for not sucking).

Perhaps because of their success, they’ve revved up the production cycle to push out Just Go With It just eight months after 2010’s Grown Ups, and they’ve got Sandler in his first cross-dressing/fat-suit comedy coming out in another nine months on Veteran’s Day, ensuring that our servicemen and women will feel totally forgotten and disrespected for another at least one more year.

These movies are all so similar, it’s become boring and almost redundant to explain each one. So instead of recapping Just Go With It, I thought I’d nail down what each of these movies have in common:

– Adam Sandler is just a nice guy!
– Adam Sandler casts his best friends – Kevin James, Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider, other SNL alums.
– Adam Sandler’s gives himself a ridiculously hot romantic lead, reguardless of whether or not there’s any chemistry – past examples have included Jessica Biel and Salma Hayek (in Just Go With It, he actually gets two – Jennifer Aniston and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Brooklyn Decker)
– I will not have one authentic, full-on, out-loud laugh the entire time.

Actually, that last one’s not entirely true. There was one occasion in Just Go With It that nearly sent me into a fit – an establishing shot at Pizza Hut that couldn’t have been a more obvious case of product placement if it were pulled from a television commercial.

Lest I come off as an angry blogger low life that bashes on movies just to feel superior, I want to mention that Dugan and Sandler’s first movie was 1996’s Happy Gilmore – a comedy that won’t go down as a classic, but at least manages to be funny. Christopher McDonald as Shooter McGavin will always make me laugh (especially this exchange), and I have a hard time changing the channel when it shows up on cable.

It’s not as though these guys are totally without talent, but these last few movies have been totally without effort. The final products are less comedies and more easy paydays for a team that has somehow become some of the most successful people in show business.

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