Annihilators #4 (of 4)

by Cap'n Carrot on June 14, 2011 · 2 comments

in Comics!

I’m more than a little sad this series is already over. Sure, I gave up trying to make sense of the main story’s plot sometime during the last issue, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun!

In the A story the Annihilators try to prevent the evil Skrull plot to release the Dire Wraiths… or something like that. Like i said, I stopped trying to make sense of this story awhile back. But it’s got hugely powered characters like the Silver Surfer, Ronan, Beta-Ray Bill and Quasar kicking some serious butt. By itself this isn’t enough to recommend but…

The B story also concludes as Rocket Raccoon and Groot attempt to prevent the Star Thief from escaping his prison. Their plan? Let’s just say it involves one of the most humiliating (and adorable) moments of Rocket Raccon’s life. Awesome.

The final panels of each story seem to suggest we’ll be seeing both of these groups again (hopefully at a much-reduced cover price). Even though I love the Silver Surfer, I’m far more interested in a quirky comic about a new Guardians of a Galaxy than further adventures of the Annihilators. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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  • David H.

    oh i so can’t stand talking racoons fighting gun totting killer clowns from outer space. and if i want to read about sentient plant life i’ll go for Swamp Thing. The Annihilators was not with out it’s problems but at least you could take it seriously within the context of the fictional Marvel Universe.

    • Cap’n Carrot

      Dude, ridiculously talking raccoons and trees fighting killer clowns in outer space. What’s not to love? I understand you point but the second story was so much more enjoyable to me than the first which despite its Who’s Who cast of cosmic baddasses got bogged down (at least for me) in the last couple of issues.

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