Post image for FCF-O Episode 4.5 – Special Lens Flare Edition

FCF-O Episode 4.5 – Special Lens Flare Edition

by alphamonkey on June 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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Super 8! DC’s big reboot! Doctor Who’s mid-season finale! How in pasta’s name did we ever think we’d be able to record a quick 30 minute mini-episode? Well, obviously we’re a bit stupid because when you put myself, the Cap’n, and our pal Eric Melin in a room together things are going to get a little talky. Also insult-y. And possibly huggy.

So give a listen while we take down (and build back up) Super 8, commiserate and bellyache over the impending DC reboot, and giggle with glee over Stephen Moffat’s masterful fan-buggering ala “A Good Man Goes to War”.

Highlights include: Predictions on how hard the Cap’n will be crying after Green Lantern, and discussion around Captain America sodomizing dead hobos on screen.

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