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Episode 15: In Which Aquaman Wins

by alphamonkey on September 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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To the batpoles, people! This one goes ALL the way down through the bottom of the barrel that is New 52 Week 4. Kick Ass makes us hate life, and we’re a bit gobsmacked that Aquaman brought the most fun to an otherwise really depressing week in comics. Join alphamonkey and the Cap’n for a traipse through the broken dreams of our soggy pull box!

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  • Bobby Bierley

    Robocop/Terminator #3:
    This comic continues to surprise and impress me. Is it ‘good?’ YES. Is it well-made? That’s debatable. The art seems to fit the writing, but only because both of them seem rushed and slapped together. To ME, that’s part of the appeal. When you’ve got a story this bombastic and audacious, I think a tight script and clean, realistic artwork would be a huge disservice. This is still the most fun I’m having with ANY series I’m reading. It’s like a big Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup (Yeah, those exist and they’re in my freezer and they’re friggin AWWWESOME. Go buy some now.) Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, it’s like a big Reese’s ice cream cup when all the other comics are just Reese’s minis. Or in the case of Kick-Ass, a cup-shaped turd wrapped in foil at the bottom of a bag of regular Reese’s. (Cue up “Foooled you!” soundbite from Spaceballs.)

    Anyway, where was I? C’mon. Ok, so Robocop is out to kill all teh Terminaterz and he doesn’t care how many people he kills along the way. He basically says exactly that in this issue. Y’know, good ol’ Murphy. Always lookin out for number one. (Cue movie clip of Robocop flipping an OCP tech “the bird.”) The BEST part of this issue –okay, well, maybe the SECOND best part—and exactly the kind of unpredictable thing that makes this book so much fun—is about halfway through, after it lines up almost exactly with the events of T2 and I began to wonder if the rest of the series was basically going to just be a one-for-one copy of T2 with Robocop instead of the former Illinois Governor…just at that moment you turn the page and there is a two-page spread of a HUGE army of ED-209’s surrounding the T-1000. I mean, DOZENS of the things. My first thought was “Where did THEY come from?” but it was quickly overshadowed by this thought: “HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME!” But then I went back to wondering how they got there. Luckily Robocop explained…sort of. I mean, he did, but his explanation doesn’t actually make sense. But who cares?

    In the words of critic Leonard Maltin, “It’s goddamn Robocop, motherfuckers!” Anyway, I know I am the only one on this podcast that appreciates this book and it may indicate some kind of brain damage or developmental disorder, but hey at least it’s not Kick-Ass. This book definitely appeals to a very narrow demographic, but if you are in that demographic then you really should pick up this book. But it’s only going to be 4 issues, so be sure you start with the first or you’ll be totally lost. OK, maybe not totally lost. But you’ll miss some great Robocop rage. (Or as I call him now, Rage-o-cop.)

    By the way, the BEST part of the issue is the very last page but I won’t spoil it for anyone I have managed to convince to read it. But now I am REALLY curious to see where they take this in the last issue.

    • alphamonkey

      That’s a lot of text for “WOOOOHOOOOO! Shit blows up from ROBOTS!”

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