Tube Watch: Castle – Cuffed

by Cap'n Carrot on December 6, 2011 · 0 comments

in Television

It took the better part of four seasons but Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) finally wake up together. Of course their current predicatment probably isn’t what Castle had in mind. The pair groggily come to, drugged and handcuffed in the killer’s lair, with no escape and only vague memories of how they got there.

Together the two start reconstructing the previous day’s events including the investigation into a murder of a John Doe whose fingerprints were destroyed by his killer. After not hearing from the pair, Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) become concerned and heighten their attempt to identify the unknown trucker and find their missing friends.

With the help of a DEA agent (Darin Heames) the detectives narrow their search as Castle and Beckett discover the real secret behind the mysterious shipments, murder, and what they were locked up to hide.

A strong episode all around including some fun Beckett/Castle moments as they work together to free themselves, Esposito and Lanie (Tamala Jones) continuing their relationship tiff, and even a Bengal tiger! What more could you ask for?

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