Tortured Physiology of the Week: Generation Hope #15

by alphamonkey on January 20, 2012 · 0 comments

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I rant about this panel quite a bit in this week’s Four Color Freak-Out, so I thought I’d provide a little context. First a preface: I actually *enjoy* this title month-to-month. So I’m not bashing the title, the writer, or even the artist (who does a perfectly serviceable job for 99.9% of this comic). That said:

Below is a panel from this week’s Generation Hope #15, as drawn by Tim Green II. Are we, the intrepid readers, to assume that Danger has in fact thrown Psylocke at Sebastian Shaw, and Ms. Braddock’s contortions are a cat-like attempt to land on her feet? Or has everyone’s favorite Anglo-Asian Ninja Mash-up come down with a crippling case of Boneitis in mid-jump?

From the Rob Liefeld school of Physiology

What the hell is going on here?

I mean, there’s broken spine and then there’s this…uh, pose.

But here’s where it gets even crazier: You *could* argue that the above image is some weird mid-spin kick freeze frame, but let’s look at the image in context to the following panels:

Uh...that didn't clarify matters. I'm REALLY confused. And I don't mean sexually.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE? Pyslocke is now *behind* Danger facing towards the cliff she just leaped from. I mean..this is SEQUENTIAL STORYTELLING. This sequence makes no sense. Yes, yes…Psylocke is pretty much 1000 octane jerk-bait, but if you’re going to cock tease, can you do it without breaking the figure’s spine? And why didn’t ANYONE at Marvel look at our offending panel and say “Female led team book that’s big on being comfortable in your own skin, etc. etc. Mayhap you need to town this one down, Mr. Green”?

Well, no matter the reasoning Mr. Green has won the inaugural edition of our Tortured Physiology of the Week Award! Kudos!

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