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Hey, here’s our first look at Captain Marvel I mean SHAZAM! (cause that’s what we’re going to call him now… you know, so he can’t even introduce himself to anybody). Redesigned by Gary Frank, the character makes his first appearance in the New 52 later this month in Justice League. And look, now he’s got a hood, and buckles on his boots… ’cause, you know, magic and stuff. You’re killing me DC, you are absolutely killing me.

For those who don’t believe this is real check out DC’s The Source:

“You’ll notice that SHAZAM! looks different from many of the other heroes we’ve seen in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52,” said editor Brian Cunningham. “That was definitely intentional. His powers come from a different place, and we wanted to see that reflected in the design. We’ve removed the “circus strongman” elements from his costume. Rather than a traditional cape, he wears a cloak with a hood; there’s more of a mystical, magical, fantasy feel to that.”

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