Tube Watch: In Plain Sight – Four Marshals and a Baby

by Cap'n Carrot on March 26, 2012 · 0 comments

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Things do get any less complicated for the Albequrque office of WITSEC this week. While Mary (Mary McCormack) struggles without a suitalbe babysitter she must also dealing with a witness (Jennifer Elise Cox) who Delia (Tangie Ambrose) discovers has been hiding an aggressive hoarding habit from the Marshals for years.

Mary is contacted by Carlos Ramirez (Robert LaSardo) who brought his alpacas into town for a fair and now chooses to opt out of the program rather than be relocated after he is recognized by the gang he testified against. Meanwhile Marshall (Frederick Weller) and Abigail (Rachel Boston) have to determine the credibility of a threat to a local Congressman given to them by Kristy Owens (Lauren Petzke).

Meanwhile Stan (Paul Ben-Victor) struggles with his crush on his dance instructor (Tia Carrere) and learns from Assistant Associate Director Susan Campbell (Mädchen Amick) that depending on who gets the job for Director of WITSEC there are likely to be major cutbacks and there’s even the possibility of the Albuquerque office shutting down.

“Four Marshals and a Baby” is a little crazy with all the storylines that converge and I’m not sure the Carlos’ story needed to be included considering how it really only manages to take time away from the other plotlines. That said, there’s a lot that works well. Delia gets her first chance at field work that almost turns out to be her last, and Mary gets some sound advice from an unlikely source.

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