Comic Rack – Moon Knight #12

by Cap'n Carrot on April 26, 2012 · 0 comments

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When comic nerds talk about B-list and C-list heroes it’s characters like Moon Knight we’re often referring. Sure, sometimes they make a splash and end up on one of the big teams (although usually it’s the modest Secret or West-Coast version), but more often than not they find themselves without a book of their one, floating near the fringe of the bigger comic universe.

With this twelve-issue run, which ends all too soon, Brian Michael Bendis not only gave us fun stories month after month, he reminded us Moon Knight is a pretty good hero. Whacked out of his mind, sure, but also a pretty good hero.

The final issue of the series deals with Moon Knight’s final confrontation with Count Nefaria (who still can’t believe he was taken down by Moon Knight), an appearance by the Avengers (the real ones, not just those in the hero’s head), and a rather casual conversation with Tony Stark about the impending Robot Holocaust. In other words, classic Bendis’ Moon Knight. Worth a look – in fact pick up the whole series in trade paperback. You’ll be glad you did.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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