Comic Rack – Nightwing #8

by Cap'n Carrot on April 25, 2012 · 0 comments

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Night of the Owls” continues as Nightwing receives Alfred‘s call for help and sets out to save the Mayor from a Talon attack. Issue #8 is a little different from what we’ve seen of the title so far as most of the issue isn’t presented from Nightwing’s perspective, but from that of a character who will only appear on the final page.

Most of the issue is narrated flashback of William Cobb, retelling his life story including his early days with Haly’s Circus and his recruitment into the Court of Owls. Nightwing is able to save the Mayor by defeating one of the Talons, but our final panel gives the arrival of another, far more deadly Talon (Cobb, who arrives to kill his descendant).

For an issue where Dick Grayson’s voice is largely absent the story still works, although I’m not sure we needed this much of Cobb’s backstory. I’m more surprised, however, by the continued level of smart aleck banter from the zombie-ish Talons. Who knew the undead were so talkative? Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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