Bob Larson: Demon Hunter

by Cap'n Carrot on October 26, 2012 · 1 comment

in Audio Visual,Stupid People

Despite all evidence to the contrary this is not spoof, parody, skit, or sketch. Ladies and gentlemen I offer you this special look into the life of Bob Larson who travels country to perform private exorcisms like the one in this video in which he relieves a tortured soul of the gay sex demon who has possessed him for years. (Yeah, you read that correctly.) The man is also organizing an “International School of Exorcism,” to train the next generation on his unique skill set. Seriously, WTF?

Man Possessed by Gay Demon (Original)

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  • moe

    Sadly what McExorcist Bob Larson is currently doing is no spoof, parody or sketch. His “teenage exorcists” and “international school of exorcism” do look like SNL skits, but he is not doing a Landover Baptist. He exhibits his trio of females as “legitimate” exorcists trained by him and exploits people he claims are demon possessed or have “generational curses” ( plants or people under the stage hypnosis he uses). This video is a bit more than 15 years old and I know of far worse vids he’s sold, including his appalling vid viciously verbally assaulting a male to female transsexual “guest” he had on his radio show.

    Basically Larson is crap.

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