Indiana Jones: The Animated Adventures

by Cap'n Carrot on October 2, 2012 · 3 comments

in Illustration & Design

Okay, this isn’t actually a real cartoon, but these concept drawings by artist Patrick Schoenmaker are so damn good we wish it was (as long as Indy and the gang never searched for alien skulls in the jungle).

[via Geek Tyrant]

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  • alphamonkey

    I would watch this so hard.

  • Michael

    Paging Disney- you’ve bought Lucasfilm and inherited the Indiana Jones franchise. Indy’s next stop is in animation and Disney should talk with both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg about Indiana Jones in animation, possibly hire Patrick Shoenmaker for character and background designs and contract Man of Action Studios to handle the animation. Those designs by Patrick Shoenmaker are way too good to be wasted and animated adventure has been missing from Disney, since early 2000’s The Legend of Tarzan. Indiana Jones can be animated and Disney owes it to Lucasfilm fans to take Shoenmaker’s designs and turn them into an animated series. Right now, Man of Action Studios, who are responsible for Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 series and Disney’s Marvel Universe, would be most capable of animating Indy. Now, for the animated series, we don’t necessarily need Harrison Ford to voice Indy- Jeff Bennett could do that. I’m now thinking L.A. Law’s Alan Rachins could voice Prof. Henry Jones Sr. Let Kathleen Kennedy handle the remaining voice-over casting for the animated Indiana Jones series, should it become reality. How about some working titles for some animated Indiana Jones TV movies on Disney Channel, like “Indiana Jones and the Statue of Coo Coo Khan”, “Indiana Jones and the Staff of the Ancients” or “Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Aztecs”, those kinds of animated TV movie titles, but also similar titles for TV episodes, too. Yet, each episode is based on the feature film series and the novels, with some slight changes, like replacing Nazis with Renegades, moderate violence with no blood and gore, keep the snakes, no one dying in any episode, the whip must stay and keep some gunplay, not to mention some hand-to-hand combat, including body throws and fiery explosions. Adventure would be the main emphasis of the show, with real archaeological and historic facts in each story. Another thing Disney could do for the animated Indiana Jones series, take a cue from G.I. Joe and bring in writers of live-action dramas to write the stories to help give the animated Indy credibility as a TV series. The idea would be to make the animated Indy as real and loyal to the feature film and novel series as possible. If the animated series is made, Disney Channel should run it exclusively on Toonin’ Saturdays, with the possibility of moving Indy to an afternoon time slot after the first season, if successful. Case and point, the animated Indiana Jones needs to be made, as soon as possible, otherwise, it’ll be a waste of ink and paint and we don’t want that. BTW, keep John Williams’ Raider’s March as the show’s theme, during the intro and closing credits and bring in Michael McCuistion to handle the music score for the animated Indiana Jones series. Let’s go, Disney- this can be done and you can do it.

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