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by Cap'n Carrot on July 23, 2013 · 13 comments

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While King’s (Jon Tenney) life is usually complicated enough by one Maxwell, things get even more interesting when Michelle’s (Rebecca Romijn) brother J.T. (Christian Kane) arrives in D.C. announcing his new career as a private detective looking into a con artist (Corey Sorenson) who has begun dating of the daughter (Sara Canning) of the wealthiest man in Nashville. Even after learning the truth about her boyfriend, Claire (Sorenson), whose unresolved daddy issues Michelle understands all too well, is adamant about wanting to find Tommy and make the relationship work.

The three detectives discover that Tommy’s latest con involves sneaking his way into the high security wing of a mental hospital as well as the fact that they aren’t the only ones looking for the con man. While lending her fraud expertise to the case Benny (Dichen Lachman) does a little bonding with Edgar (Ryan Hurst) and discovers that Tommy’s list of fake identities aren’t fake – they are actually real government-issued identities complete with social security numbers leading King and Maxwell to the same realization – Tommy is in the Witness Protection Program and in hiding from the crime boss who is currently under lock and key inside the mental hospital. With the cooperation of Claire and the uncooperative assistance of Rigby (Michael O’Keefe) and the FBI, King and the Maxwells are able to recover WITSEC’s witness, reunite the lovebirds, and arrest the members of the mob out the kill Tommy.

Kane, who I’ve missed since Leverage went off the air, is well-cast as the lovable J.T. who despite his inability to ever follow through is nearly instantly loved wherever he goes (even Rigby takes a shine to him). His appearance also allows the series to open up doors to Maxwell’s past including her difficult relationship with her father. Although the character is off to Brazil as the episode comes to a close, I’m hoping we haven’t seen the last of Kane. I also liked the way the show interwove Benny closer into the Maxell and King family by making a different kind of connection with Edgar than we’ve seen so far. It will be interesting to see how this relationship develops as well.

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  • mary e brewer

    #ChristianKane really brought something special to the show.. this was the best episode to date! so glad to see him on my tv again!! he was awesome as always! thanks for the review!

  • Ali Kien

    I loved Christian Kane on this weeks King and Maxwell! He was funny, lovable and was still able to kick some butt. I really hope they bring him back for more episodes cause he really gave the show a breath of fresh air.

  • Beth Potkonicky Kredel

    Thank You so much for the great review of Christian Kane as JT! So many people don’t realize what a great actor he really is. His singing/songwriting is another aspect of Christian that many don’t know! As a Kaniac, (I believe we on Wikipedia), I was so disheartened about the cancellation of Leverage, a show that had better ratings than many of the shows that remained on TNT, as well as the new ones that tried to replace it! We keep vigilant watch over Christian’s career so that we can promote him where ever and when ever we can! Reviews such as yours will help us in our quest to keep him out there and on the radar until he receives the recognition this talented man so rightfully deserves!

  • Ophelia

    GREAT episode, thanks to TNT for choosing #ChristianKane to play #RebeccaRomijn’s brother on
    #KingandMaxwell. He did an AMAZING job. #Kaniacs world wide would love to see this become a recurring role. SPINOFF????

  • Nona Wallert

    I have liked the show since the beginning. The banter between Sean and Michelle can be funny at times, Rigby’s interaction with the pair always brings a smile, and Edgar is just awesome! Christian Kane was/is an awesome addition to this show! I can envision a whole mess of possibilities with Christian Kane as a regular character and “Maxwell, Maxwell, and King” is just the beginning!

  • Laura Manners

    I’m really grateful for the exceptional review you have left regarding Christian Kane’s portrayal of JT Maxwell in TNTs King & Maxwell Episode 7 “Family Business”. Us Kaniacs (Christian Kane’s loyal fans of both his singing and acting) have always known what an extremely talented young man he is and it’s becoming more widely publicised with each and every task he undertakes. If you haven’t listened to his music then you’ve missed out and I thoroughly recommend his Album The House Rules from 2010, which is a superb indication of his multi-faceted layers. His acting is awesome and we were all so gutted when TNT cancelled Leverage and it’s a huge coup for us to have him back on our screens – no matter how briefly for the moment. Watch out for a few films he has coming this way too – 50 to 1 and Ivanov, Red, White and Blue – previews available on You Tube. Check this guy out if you haven’t already, he has many many layers to him.

  • Carol Lee

    It was so nice to see such a great review of King and Maxwell after Christian Kane was a guest on the show. We enjoyed his smiles, facial expressions, and the fight scenes. Fans hope that his character will be a reoccurring role. He is a great actor, & singer &songwriter.

  • Fran

    You are right….Christian Kane fit perfectly into the role of JT Maxwell! It was also fun seeing an occasional flash of Eliot in his portrayal of JT. He has a wonderful chemistry with the entire cast, and there were some great brother/sister moments with Rebecca Romijn. He brought action, comedy and a real spark ,deserving not only a recurring role, but becoming a permanent part of the cast.

    • Much Aan

      I really believe that #ChristianKane added something to the mix that took the show to the next level.

  • Joan

    I loved Christian Kane as JT Maxwell, he was so enjoyable to watch. His character was funny, goofy, and lovable. I hope this turns into a recurring role because he was perfectly cast in it and we need more Christian Kane on TV. Now if they can figure out a way for him to sing in the role I will be in heaven.

  • kim

    Loved, loved, loved Christian Kane as JT Maxwell on King and Maxwell!! His performance was excellent as the fun-loving, lovable JT, and brought new life to the series. I hope this will become at least a recurring, if not regular, role for him. Or better yet…come on TNT, ya know ya wanna give him his own series! Let’s make that happen!!!!

  • Sandy

    Absolutely loved this episode with #ChristianKane. He brought so much to the episode .. of course his amazing acting, his fight scenes, a little bit of chef and gave the show some comic relief. I would love to see him have a recurring roll in #KingandMaxwell!

  • Kim

    Christian Kane was amazing as usual, I never would have watched King and Maxwell if he had not been on the show. Kane is still the sexiest man alive and he know it too.

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