Tube Watch: Lucifer – Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

by Cap'n Carrot on October 17, 2017 · 1 comment

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Feeling a bit restless, and taking advice from Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) heads to Canada after the most dangerous bounty she can find. After terrorizing Canada for a few days, Maze catches up with Ben Rivers (Chris McKenna) only to discover he’s more illusive, albeit less murderous, than she’s been led to believe which only makes the chase more spirited… but not in the way Lucifer had intended.

It’s rare to get an episode of Lucifer centered around someone other than the devil himself, and “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” delivers some kick-ass fun while reminding us Lucifer’s demon pal is always worth spending time with. Aside from the trouble Maze gets into all on her own, while dragging poor Detective Douche (Kevin Alejandro) along for the ride (after hijacking him away from his Hawaiian vacation), there’s a fun swap of roles between Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren German) halfway through the episode as Lucifer becomes the one to worry and Chloe cautions trusting Maze. Solving the case for which the bounty is wrongly accused gets a dirty cop off the street, although it’s up to Maze to save her bounty’s life and decide what matters to her the most. As to the looming threat to Maze and her friends, we’re left to wonder where exactly it may come from (and if it could be related to the Sinnerman?).

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  • Spiritgreen

    They made four stand alone episodes which they weren’t sure would air at the end of S2 or not. Ultimately they’re mixed into S3, I get the feeling this was one of them. I read another is a prequel with Lucifer arriving in LA.

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