So yeah…There used to be this site called “Transbuddha“. That went bye-bye, but dadsbigplan remained. So what *is* dadsbigplan? Well, it started out as a band, then it was the personal site of said band’s remaining member, Aaron Weber (who by then was more commonly referred to as .alphamonkey.), and then…well, then it kind of fell by the wayside as ‘monkey actually became a dad (irony*, huh?).

Now? Now it’s the glittery phoenix that rose from the ashes of Transbuddha that will once again save the day, thanks to the Powerpu…uh, wait. Oh, yeah.. “..that will once again keep you entertained, distracted, and thoroughly face-rocked through the clever use of music videos, goofy links, soul-stealing games, and more discussion than is warranted on all things media.”

*Not actually ironic by any measure