I wish these were real. Coca-Cola really needs to buy this kid’s green design for new collapsible plastic bottles.


Taking from the joke on meaningless musical video montages which started in “The Sexless Innkeeper” (from this season of How I Met Your Mother), here’s Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) singing loud and proud about The Best Night Ever.


The prisoner….

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prisoner revampLet me preface this rant by saying I enjoyed the first two hours of this series, but I think the only reason I did is because I was still a little high from watching Dr. Who: The Waters of Mars.

They could have taken this Prisoner remake two different ways either a modern day thriller a’la Jason Bourne, or they could have taken surrealism to a new level in this post Lynch world.

Instead we get something that doesn’t even try. We get a show that has been diluted to the point of pure drivel. We get a series of mildly amusing homages to the real Prisoner, a #6 who doesn’t have nearly cleverness that Patrick McGoohan had, and a #2 with no emotional depth. Neither character is able to preform the clever repartee that made the original so special.

There is just to much wrong with this new series for me to even put it all in this post (trust me, I tried and ended up with a short book). None the less, every person should watch it, if only so it becomes universally mocked and hated.


When Penguins Attack

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Here’s your standard tower defense game, but with PENGUINS! “Save the human race from the onslaught of the evil warmongering penguins in the crazy new tower defense game.” Now, who wants to play?

when penguins attack

When Penguins Attack – TD.


NCIS: Los Angeles

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The dialogue between Robin and Ladies Love Cool James (as O.G.’s like myself refer to LL Cool J) is some of the best on television. Am I talking about whacked-out fan fiction? No, I’m talking about a spin-off of a spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles. Yeah, it’s the Joanie Loves Chachi of police procedurals (and will hold that position until they spin-off David Caruso’s sunglasses into it’s own series).

Instead of the basic criminal investigation of NCIS its “office of special projects.” Yeah, it’s special. It’s not perfect, and not all of the cast are as good as LL Cool J – like the psychologist and the tech douche, – but try out this preview and if you like go here to watch the full first episode which was better than I was expecting.

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Jesus Ska

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I was going to do a post today about the vile and disturbing snuff film that the GOP showed last night as a “9/11 tribute”, but i don’t think something that was just made to scare votes out of people should be reproduced whatsoever.

So i leave you with this nifty little Jesus Ska.


In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatles fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed only with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview about peace, love, and not being allowed into the United States.

Nearly 40 years later, that audio was adapted into the animated short film, I Met the Walrus by Josh Raskin.