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Last night I caught this TV commercial and it was cool enough to elicit 2 reactions simultaneously:

  1. I said “That’s a great commercial” out loud, to nobody in particular.
  2. I wished that I had gotten to work on it.

Either of these reactions by itself would normally warrant posting, but to have both at the same time takes something special. Now NOTCOT tells me it is by Psyop, which makes perfect makes sense and also deepens the envy. Watch it, you will enjoy it.

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Lately I have not been posting much here or on my site, due to having a ton of work finishing up on a film and attempting to do some of my own. That does not mean that the fact that gaming on the web has become amazingly good slipped past me. Flash is quickly becoming a serious gaming platform, take for example, one of the best flash games I have ever played, Robokill. Not only is the gameplay great, the fact that it is in a web browser and loads almost instantly just blows me away. The future of gaming is becoming so sweet.


Speaking of the future of gaming, check out FireNes, a Firefox 3 extension that lets you play 2000 NES games right in Firefox. While I am still waiting to get my computers back from the editors who are selfishly borrowing them, I can’t install or try this, so I leave it up to you all to do so and report back on how awesome or un-awesome it is.

UPDATE: I thought Robokill was jaw-dropping.  I spoke way too soon.  Check out this flash based 3D engine.  According to Wonderland, the version for Flash 10 is even better.  God the future is just so awesome.

And on the topic of gaming, the AP says: “$1.12 billion in May” (Go here to understand why I just said that).

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Red Square

by Andy Cochrane on April 21, 2008 · 2 comments

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red_squareThis is an incredibly simple game. You click and hold the red square and keep it moving to avoid the 4 blue squares as they bounce around the screen. It is really, really simple… but not all that easy. And certainly a great way to waste a few minutes of your otherwise chock-full of excitement work day. [You’re welcome]


2008 is an important year. All around the world, people are starting to raise their voices, and for the first time in what seems like a decade, they are starting to be heard. Now it is your turn to speak up against injustice and evil, and to make your opinion count. Film mass-mangler Uwe Boll has stated that he will quit making movies if “One million” people tell him to. So there is a petition to accomplish just that. Go sign it now, make 2008 the year we turned it all around, do it for the children.


I bet those are three words you never thought you would ever read together. I never thought I would write them, but here we are. This is a stop/live action fan tribute to “TRON”, and it is actually great, and worth the few minutes you’ll have to take to watch it. They did an amazing job of filming dynamic moving shots during the stop motion parts, something that must not have been easy at all.  I think the world needs more things like this.  It make my nerdy parts tingle.


There are far, far too many videos of water balloons popping in slow motion on the web right now- it is the new Coke and Mentos. That said, let this be the fad’s Eepybird. And by that I mean, this commercial does it better than anyone has before, so everyone else can stop trying.

Very cool ad for Schweppes, whose name is fun to spell- it gives you a certain deep satisfaction when you get it right without looking at how you should be doing it. And God bless the web for allowing the 2 minute director’s cuts of commercials to make it out to a wide audience instead of slowly dying a quiet death on a demo reel.


David Sedaris does not deliver pizza for a living, but I imagine it would be like this if he did.


A Walk In The Woods

NSFW. Funny as all get-up. NSFW. Via Militantplatypus.  NSFW.


This one needs little to no explanation, it just needs your attention:

Not only shouldn’t companies that helped the government’s warrantless spying on American citizens be given retroactive amnesty, the government should establish a national commission — similar to the 9/11 Commission –to subpoena documents and testimony in order to find out — and publish — what exactly the nation’s spies were up to during their five year warrantless, domestic surveillance program.

Go read the whole story. It is a good, good day in America. Slowly the horror that has been the past 7 years is starting to thaw, sanity is on its way back into fashion. Anyone who says that we need unfettered, unmonitored, warrantless tapping of every single phone in the USA needs to go read the Constitution, then they need to go poke around a little and see just how little this program has accomplished and how badly it has been misused. Let’s spend less money spying on ourselves and killing future terrorists’ parents, please.


Men In Black

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This video has nothing to do with Will Smith, ‘getting jiggy’, or disappointing sequels; it has everything to do with being fantastically animated and genuinely poignant. An animated short about the war in Iraq; and a lesson in what you can accomplish in under 5mins.