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For the myspace whores that crawl this site… beware!

What they want you to think: Trendy.

What it really means: Too god-damn stupid to figure out how to use the timer mode.



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We used to dye eggs for the Easter bunny before he came.  HOP HOP HOP.  He’d eat the eggs and just leave the shells in the corner for me to clean the next morning.  I want my eggs back.  I doubt that will ever happen so I’m going to leave him scary evil possessed eggs instead this spring.  HOP HOP HOP you evil bunny bastard.


A designer’s wet dream

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Coca-Cola selected 5 design firms to run wild with the theme “Visions of Optimism”.

Combine great design firms like The Designers Republic and MK12 competing against each other with solid music tracks and even more fabulous web design and you get this.  Thanks to Scott Bower for turning me on to this.


Kid Beyond

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Meet Kid Beyond who (with the help of a sequencer, a midi trigger pedal, and a mic), performs the most elaborate acappella you’ll ever hear

He’s damn good.