These guys just made a bunch of people lose their collective minds.  Sadly I was one of the many.  I must have relogged into Gmail 150 times.

Fake or not? You decide.  Wait don’t, ‘cause it’s total garbage.

If those who are responsible read this post, please comment and take a bow.  You are king MFers of this 15 minutes.

alphamonkey sez: I came across the ‘Infinite Solutions’ series while on the baby break, and it’s a pretty brilliant bit o’ pranking.  They do a great job of making everything they cover (which is 100% horse pucky) sound completely legitimate.  Neat stuff, and very, very mean to send on to your less than tech-savvy friends. 

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Awesome barely describes this duo.

From nowhere (Akron Ohio) comes The Black Keys.  Fear them.  Love them.  It makes no difference.  They rock.

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The Seven Noble Kinsman

by BADD on November 15, 2006

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I had a sudden hit of inspiration when I was thinking about submissions.  This game was simply well written and lots of fun.

When Playwrite Christopher Morton tries to create the ultimate homage to Shakespeare’s plays, his efforts fall on deaf ears when in-fighting and frequent re-writes doom the play to fail.

You play the critic who gave it it’s first bad review, heralding it’s failure.  The play closes after a week.

cut to 5 years later.  You get a message to come to Morton’s private theater, on an isolated island, with all of the actors who were in the play, for a showing of the play you had a hand in destroying.

This is a murder mystery game released by the BBC itself, and well worth the time to play all the chapters.  They are short and sweet.

You do need to sign up to play, but after I had first played this almost a year ago, I have never got spam from them.

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Meet William Elliot Whitmore via a very intimate live session.

W.E.W. is a great, great musician.  This clip is a bit long and very rough, but for some reason, it fits William to a T.

This guy makes me feel that music might actually start to improve.  American Idol better watch it’s @$$!!

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Hello Cthulhu

by BADD on May 30, 2006 · 2 comments

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Hello! Kitty meets the infamous demon god. What could possibly go wrong?

Like peanut butter and chocolate, these two great things have finally come together.

Watch as the elder god struggles to create suffering and death in the twisted world of Hello! Kitty.

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Well, I must say I have never seen anything like this anywhere, so I figured I could pass it along. 

Yes, it is just that awsome.

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