Ever wonder how major corporations seamlessly slip advertisements into your favorite shows? Blackstar Enterprises is here to show you how it’s done. 

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Ever wonder how big corporations turn good ideas into total sh#t?  Well it’s all here! (NSFW audio)

part 3 of our attempts to get the comedy network to launch The Blackstar Series (we’re coming very close!)

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This is a showcase of the ‘professional’ talent working for Blackstar Enterprises

alphamonkey sez: There be NSFW language herein! Be warned!

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This is the first in a series sent to the Comedy Network in an attempt to convince them to launch this show – BlackStar.

They say a whole lot without saying anything at all.

alphamonkey sez: You might remember the name ’baNaNaMaN6‘ from the He-Man series, as well as the patently insane The Woodsmen.  Personally, I’d love to see what these guys would do with BlackStar.

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Best episode yet!  The two hermits get trapped in a hole and through massive acts of vanity and self-obsession, totally forget to escape.  Includes a great parody of Disney animation.

alphamonkey sez: This series gets more and more bizarre, but I’m really okay with that.  Good stuff from the same folks who are producing the He-Man series.

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He-Man goes to save Moss Man!  This is our second episode. Tell us what your think! We’d love suggestions. The first episode can be found here.

alphamonkey sez: Uh, wow.  There’s the land of insane, and then there’s a secret cavern that tunnels straight through the earth into a molten core of ‘WTF’.  This series apparently vacations there.  Some NSFW language. 

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In this episode of The Woodsmen, our two self-obsessed hermits flip out when they hear a car alarm and can’t figure out what it is.  They pretty much kill every bird in the forest.  (Best part is the Pirate Mime – a tv show about a mime that mimic pirate activities).  Watch it here

This is part 2 of 6.

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An ADD cartoon by some Canadian animators following the lives of two self-absorbed hermits and their non-sensical misadventures.  In this episode they star in a documentary by renound philanthropist David Suzuki.  Some great humor as well as an interesting mix of live action and illustration.  The karaoke love song is hilarious!

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