Ever wonder how major corporations seamlessly slip advertisements into your favorite shows? Blackstar Enterprises is here to show you how it’s done. 


Ever wonder how big corporations turn good ideas into total sh#t?  Well it’s all here! (NSFW audio)

part 3 of our attempts to get the comedy network to launch The Blackstar Series (we’re coming very close!)


This is a showcase of the ‘professional’ talent working for Blackstar Enterprises

alphamonkey sez: There be NSFW language herein! Be warned!



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This is the first in a series sent to the Comedy Network in an attempt to convince them to launch this show – BlackStar.

They say a whole lot without saying anything at all.

alphamonkey sez: You might remember the name ’baNaNaMaN6‘ from the He-Man series, as well as the patently insane The Woodsmen.  Personally, I’d love to see what these guys would do with BlackStar.

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Best episode yet!  The two hermits get trapped in a hole and through massive acts of vanity and self-obsession, totally forget to escape.  Includes a great parody of Disney animation.

alphamonkey sez: This series gets more and more bizarre, but I’m really okay with that.  Good stuff from the same folks who are producing the He-Man series.


He-Man goes to save Moss Man!  This is our second episode. Tell us what your think! We’d love suggestions. The first episode can be found here.

alphamonkey sez: Uh, wow.  There’s the land of insane, and then there’s a secret cavern that tunnels straight through the earth into a molten core of ‘WTF’.  This series apparently vacations there.  Some NSFW language. 


In this episode of The Woodsmen, our two self-obsessed hermits flip out when they hear a car alarm and can’t figure out what it is.  They pretty much kill every bird in the forest.  (Best part is the Pirate Mime – a tv show about a mime that mimic pirate activities).  Watch it here

This is part 2 of 6.


An ADD cartoon by some Canadian animators following the lives of two self-absorbed hermits and their non-sensical misadventures.  In this episode they star in a documentary by renound philanthropist David Suzuki.  Some great humor as well as an interesting mix of live action and illustration.  The karaoke love song is hilarious!