The feel-good summer jam of 2007.

We all hate Avril Lavigne, but love her new single, and pairing her with Unk was so good that even the haters over at Pitchfork couldn’t help but love it, as Marc Hogan writes: “It’s probably kinda cheating when your mashup puts together three songs that basically don’t have tunes (or, in the case of Avril Lavigne’s new “Girlfriend”, merely an incidental one pastiched from ‘Now That’s What I Call Late-90s Pop-Punk’ ). No pitch-matching required, right? Still, there’s a reason the cheerleader-chant genre won’t just get the hey-hey F-U-C-K out of our lives. And there’s something bracing about the easy beats from Atlanta rapper Unk’s “Walk it Out” meeting Avril’s expensively chintzy guitar chords.”

alphamonkey sez: Holy crap, even I have to admit this is super, super catchy.  Great mash-up work by DJ Lobsterdust. with equal video mixing acumen by Gutthell.

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