Here’s a little ditty about a plan for universal peace:

Or as creator LucyLou puts it:

An assignment for science class: Decide what to send into space to communicate with extraterrestrial life. I decided to play it safe, and make plans for the worst

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Honey bunny

by Busymm on September 27, 2007 · 1 comment

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Lasse Persson’s Honey Bunny should be familiar to fans of late night TV from the early 90’s….

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Tater Tomater

by Busymm on September 26, 2007 · 2 comments

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I can remember seeing this sketch on Night Flight! Hope you all enjoy Tater Tomater as much as I did.

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What can I say, my sis Ramonacat turned me onto this wonderful little song and video.

enjoy “Supervilliany

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It's Trantastic!

by Busymm on September 25, 2007 · 1 comment

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For those of you who weren’t G4tv fans, allow me to introduce Breehn Burns and Jason Johnson’s precocious creation (and animation film fest darling) Dr. Tran.

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While thinking about .alphamonkey.’s loveless relationship concerning DCFC, it inspired me to dig up and post this music video ”I Will Follow You Into the Dark“. It has been described as Kafkaesque, and was directed by Jamie Thraves who did the award winning video for Radiohead’s Just .

The first version (which .alphamonkey posted here in Feburary) was directed by Monkmus who is responsible for many of the Sony PSP commercials, and was part of the Directions anthology, which tasked a different director to create a short film for each of the 12 songs from the band’s album “Plans” . Monkmus was kind enough to also do a commentary for his video.

Personally I enjoy Monkmus’s version much more than this second version, since it’s simplistic style captures the mood of the song better in my opinion.

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Dancing Onigiri

by Busymm on June 23, 2006 · 2 comments

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Always wanted to play Dance Dance Revolution, but couldn’t due to the fact that you have the grace and elegance of a dead lemming? Well then, hurry up and put on your dancing shoes, and while you are at it, maybe that stylish leisure suit you’ve been saving. Oh what the heck, it doesn’t matter what you wear!

Just please put some clothes on, and get ready to sit down and bogey. Dancing Star Onigiri is a Flash based finger workout that starts out simply enough and in the flash of an eye leaves you feeling like Urkel on the dance floor as your finger hurry to keep up.  Enjoy.

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Well, do ya, Punk? While searching the web for other things I stumbled across this cool Japanese Flash game. The concept is simple enough: find several fourleaf clovers hidden in a field of the less than lucky type before the time runs out. 

A great time waster when you have a few min to spare and looking to practice at finding the real thing.

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I’m sure we’ve all grooved at one time or another to the techno beat of Daft Punk If not, then be double quick to click this slew of videos. Each video is chock full of stunning visuals, symbolic meanings, and WTH they have a killer baseline.

One of the duo’s first videos, Around The World was both visually fun and rhythmically catchy.

Two of the groups latest video’s, PRIME TIME OF YOUR LIFE and TECHNOLOGIC Both songs are featured in Daft punks latest Movie ELECTROMA.

I am sure you are all familiar with ONE MORE TIME, AERODYNAMIC, DIGITAL LOVE and HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER. If Not Check them out ASAP, and if you are wondering how the story ends make sure to rent Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem .

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I am sure many of us who watch the Sci Fi channel are familiar with their rather unique and sometimes off the wall ad campaign. Just when I thoguht that they were mostly cute and harmless I was rudely awaken (well it was 12:30 am) with this rather disturbing clip. I fear for the saftey of all small dogs everywhere, (and maybe the lips of those foolish few) Hehe! Hope you enjoy.

If you liked this you can find more of the wierdness at the Sci Fi channels download page.

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