Not sure if many of you remember a little movie gem by the creative genius of Mike Jittlov called ”Wizard of Speed and Time“ Trust me his many works are all fun and well worth looking for. Let’s put it this way his FIRST FILM EVER, made it to the Academy Award finals

I am sure many of us have seen part of Mikes work at one time of our life (ok maybe not our younger viewers) but it is truly wacky fun stuff that shouldn’t be missed. In fact just about everyone who’s watched the Disney channel back in the day should remember THIS wonderful short which was the first thing Disney ever broadcasted over cable TV. Or maybe you have seen bits of this WONDERFUL short, which was used to promote the film festival one year. Or maybe you’ll reconized this SHORT film featuring the original time machine used in the 60’s movie.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Ghost then you’ll have seen Mike at least once. Since he did the work (and acting) for the DARK SPIRITS that would take the souls of wrong-do-ers to the underworld. It’s just sad to think that many haven’t seen this film due to the SHADY dealings of S.G.E the film distributor. Thankfully we can fix this thanks to Bearded Swordsman and torrent, the full movie can now be downloaded for all to see. ( Have no fear Mike Jittlov the movies creator and owner APPROVES of this)

Here’s a link to a 30 min clip that has bits and pieces of most of his works, and the odd interview or two. Check It Out!!!1!

And while you’re at it check out this NIFTY article filled with many Mike factoids.

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