Papa’s Pizzeria

by capital555 on August 8, 2007

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Dive into the hectic world of working in a pizzeria with Papa’s Pizzeria, the latest release from the development team at Flipline Studios.  You’ll have to take orders, top and bake pizzas, cut them to order, and present the finished pies to the waiting customers.

Game Features:

•Pizzeria sim in the Papa Louie universe

•Over 35 unique customers to earn

•Each customer has a favorite pizza order

•Multi-tasking between topping, baking, and cutting

•Bronze, Silver, and Gold Badges for each customer

•Highscore Board

•Unlimited gameplay

alphamonkey sez: This is actually a really well-developed game.  Neat stuff.

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Join Papa Louie in his first platforming adventure, when his delicious pizzas turn into monsters and kidnap his customers! Journey through over a dozen worlds of Italian cuisine to save the day!

It is a side-scrolling platformer game developed in Flash 8.

alphamonkey sez: It’s good to see that video games still reflect Italian Americans just like they are in real life:  Plumbers, pizza mongers, and mobsters!  I liked the puzzle elements added to this Mario clone, and my only real nitpick would be the auto-run.  Good stuff. 

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