These Days

by casojimbo on March 1, 2007

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In a mild effort to move away from all the weird and wonderful viral clips going round the internet, I wanted to share this is truly beautiful cinematic excerpt from the film The Royal Tenenbaums directed by Wes Anderson.

Can’t imagine a better way of making a moment seem like 60 seconds.

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Foot Cred

by casojimbo on December 13, 2006

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Foot Cred is a little short film that brings sneaker fetishism to a whole new level.  The film is a great example of imaginative storytelling through spoken word, slick motion graphics, and music. 

Semi famous Normski (who got famous for shagging Janet Street Porter) goes on a trip to purchase the holy grail of B-Boy trainers, Puma States.  It’s a funny and entertaining tale of trainer culture in New York.  Thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing to see content longer than 30 secs these days on the net.  Did it really happen? Who cares? Is it an advert? Probably..  You can watch it on Youtube here.

alphamonkey sez:Seeing as it was done by Imperial Leisure, it’s almost certainly a viral for Puma, albeit a very good one.  While not as mindblowing as Adidas AdiColor series, it’s certainly an above average effort for a brand that’s already pretty well versed in net hype.  Yunus Akseki directed this spot.

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