What do you get if you cross The Beach Boys with Electronica? Well, I’m not sure either, but I bet it sounds a lot like Panda Bear. His most recent album, ‘Person Pitch’ is a strange (but pleasant) blend of Pet Sounds and an alien spaceship.

Here’s the psychedelic lightshow clip for Bros. 


New vintage sounds are pouring out of the West Philadelphia area thanks to Dr Dog. The psychedelic group has come out with their third album that is a must for anyone who enjoys catchy melodies and nostalgic mic fuzz.

catch them on the web at


The UK’s The Bees are coming back with a new full length album. Release dates are for chumps. This video came out to tide us all over. Old is the new ‘new’

alphamonkey sez: Interesting.  They sound like what the Beatles might have sounded like in 1969 doing country & western.  I’d say the Stones, but Mick & Co had a better grasp of how country and blues worked in rock n’ roll.  I do like Selig style animation.