Trying to get rid of a slightly stodgy image, Maconomy turned to T-Viral to create an advergame in order to raise interest for their new B2B software aimed at advertising agencies and management consultancies.

See if you can run an ad agency or a consultancy. Get your employees to register their time so you can bill your clients.and make big bucks. If you don’t reach the day’s break-even you go bust.

Click on the “work bar” over the heads of the characters when it gets close to being full, but be careful that it doesn’t hit 100% as they will then forget all about what they were doing and you can wave the cash goodbye. When an “M” appears above the work bar, click it to get the employee to register their time automatically at 100% for that turn (not the full day).


alphamonkey sez: Hey, how can this be an accurate game about ad agencies when there’s no ‘fist bump’ option? Still, it’s entertaining in a reduced fat no cal Sims kind of way.

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