Ever wonder what you’d be like if the ridiculously long string of fortunate events that lead to your birth had taken a couple different turns?  Well now you can!  Okay, so maybe you can just see yourself as any number of different ethnicities, gender, or even your likeness rendered by some of history’s best artists.  Dig it!


Here’s a silly little story of a loser who wants to be a Jedi a little too much.

alphamonkey sez:We’ll return to Ragtag Films for our closing post this week, as it touches on something a little more closer to my heart than Santa.  We’ll have some link/post love for you all on Monday, with a return to full day posts on Tuesday.  Enjoy your holiday everyone, and best wishes from all of us here at Transbuddha.


You can build a damned Death Star!  Using the Star Wars: Lethal Alliance Death Star Designer you’re put in charge of overseeing the construction of the Empire’s most fearsome weapon when your boss has a bout of the ‘chokes’, as it were.  Fun!

alphamonkey sez: Remember, kids!  Grand Moff Tarkin is counting on you!  Just don’t feel too crushed when your feat of engineering is blown apart with the ease of a 17 year old water farmer hunting whomp rats with his T-16 SkyHopper! Or possibly by a swashbuckling gambler and a gibbering sea monkey flying a borrowed smuggler ship!

I am such a nerd. *sigh*


Here’s an awesome little Star Wars fanfilm about how Darth Maul comes to power.  The speech is a little lame, but its wicked awesome.

.alphamonkey. sez: I wouldn’t consider this the pinnacle of SW fanflicks, but c’mon… Darth Maul was just cool.