Ok, so we’re stealing this from DHADM.  What’s a little petty theft among friends, right?  They mentioned something about a photo circulating the web, and some myth of Jessica falling over a rope.. and a secret conspiracy involving Jessica, the Pope, Xinhua Chinese news agency, and Jack Burton.. or something like that.  It’s complex.

Personally, I think this is footage of Ms. Simpson either:

A.  making a fast getaway from a movie premiere upon finding out it stars Nick Lachey (haha I just said “stars Nick Lachey”)

B.  making a fast getaway from this year’s Oscars upon receiving “untoward advances” from host Ellen DeGeneres (yes, I travelled into the future for this clip)

C.  getting over to my place as soon as possible upon finding out I’m single (Let me dream, damn you!)

D.  late for meeting with the Pope, Xinhua… eh, you get the idea.


I know many of you have been looking for gmail invitations.  Well I have 6 of them left for the new beta test.

So if you want em you can send me a private message via the forum or just leave the comments below this post.

First come first serve.



Another heroic action by the less fortunate of our species

The sacrifice of wiping him self off the gene pool

We salute you.


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….Alas, it seems that he failed

Thanks to Tom for sending it in.


Woman drivers rule!

by Davion on September 29, 2004 · 4 comments

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The pictures speak for themselves.  Click “read the full article” to see the whole set.

(thanks to Alicia for sending it in)


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I bet it would make a great coffee tableeBay it self is becoming a great collection of gags and laughs


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Since everyone seems to be going down the nostalgic road.  I thought we post this oldy but a goody.  I believe this is from the blogger days of the buddha.

Hey Reverend ain’t that the same sword that you carry around just incase you get car jacked again?

I love the look and the line from the last guy. “We uh… may need emergency surgery in the studio”


Way too happy

by Davion on August 10, 2004 · 2 comments

in Sexuality

Team USA’s Allen Iverson (news) is mobbed by his teammates after making the game-winning shot in their 80-77 win over Germany in an exhibition match in Cologne, western Germany, Wednesday Aug. 4, 2004.(AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz) I don’t know about the guys underneath, but the guy on top looks way too happy.


(article provided by Yahoo News)


Doggy Thong

by Davion on August 10, 2004 · 1 comment

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Dog Gas Neutralizing Thong for $19.99 you too can make your dog sexy!

Or at least less smelly. 


(Click image to purchase your own set of doggy thongs… Sicko!)

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The parents of this poor child need to be beaten!


nuff said


There’s Ocean’s eleven

Then there are Charlie’s angels

but no one kicks ass like Mr Brain’s Faggots!


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