Real life?

by elDiablo on August 31, 2005 · 1 comment

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So, we all know about Virtual Reality, but how many of you have heard about Augmented Reality?

This video is pretty cool at showing what might be in store for computer interaction next! 

Some other PhD types have done pacman in real life, so you never know!

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by elDiablo on August 29, 2005

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Javarena is a fun little java game…

Very simple, yet very addictive, yet quite challenging. If you can, put trails and AA up, and it looks pretty damn… well, like not much else! Waste your hourse away with it.

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Zero gravity water!

by elDiablo on August 5, 2005

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Ever wanted to see water in space?

“Experimenters burst water balloons in the low-gravity environment produced aboard a NASA Glenn DC-9 aircraft. The tests were conducted in part to develop the ability to rapidly deploy large liquid drops by rupturing an enclosing membrane.”

Yeah, sure. We believe them. Its not because they wanted to see cool water effects or anything, right?

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