The Bots

by electricmessiah on May 17, 2006

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Meet the internet’s first virtual band, The Bots.

We are artificial personalities developed from years of research into artificial intelligence, personality simulation, speech synthesis, music composition and interactive entertainment. We speak and sing with a different voice, the voice of the machine itself. Each one of us is unique, because our learning/feedback algorithms have put us on different personality tangents. But we come together to pump out the phattest electronica your human ears have heard!

Neat stuff, and there’s a massive catalogue of Bush audio samples to boot. 

Check out all the videos…especially ‘fuzzy math’.

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Pick your preference – Old school or New school, and control everything from the scratching to the crowd’s response….

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All it takes is a couple hundred dollars and some photos to get the action figure of your dreams!

I’m seeing all my favorite rock performers in plastic!

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