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Steven Spielberg is currently tearing up the box office and receiving justifiable critical acclaim for his latest historical drama Lincoln. One of the world’s most famous filmmakers, he’s often derided and celebrated at the same time for his sentimentality. I found that two of Spielberg’s best pictures were the ones that were ignored or misunderstood by mainstream audiences. The rest were pretty much hits, although not all are as adored as some that didn’t make my list of the Top Ten Best Steven Spielberg Movies.

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by Eric Melin on November 2, 2012

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A new drama starring Denzel Washington opens this weekend, but it’s not exactly the kind of movie that the previews might suggest. Flight may be directed by Robert Zemeckis, the man who gave us Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, but that doesn’t mean that this obvious piece of Denzel Washington Oscar bait is a film for the whole family.

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Scene-Stealers contributor Phil Fava provides a list of 10 specific movie kung-fu fights as landmarks in their respective eras and as enduring pieces of painstakingly realized, elaborate entertainment. See for yourself.

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Eric Melin, Trey Hock, and Trevan McGee predict the winners in the 2012 Academy Awards race for Best Actor. Who will win at the 2012 Oscars? This quick, seven-part series from will tell you everything you need to know to win big this year when picking the winners of the 2012 Oscars. You can find the full list of picks on Scene-Stealers.

How to Win Your Oscar Pool: 2012 Oscar Predictions Best Actor

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In honor of the fact that he was my rock idol at an early age and I still pay lots of attention to him despite the fact that I want to muzzle him every time he opens his mouth — today’s Top 10 will pay tribute to the acting genius of Gene Simmons.

I dare you to watch clips from some of the most bizarre narrative features ever put to film. I dare you to enter the world of the Top 10 Gene Simmons Performances.

You will never be the same.

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This weekend, America’s favorite comic-book super soldier gets his own movie as “Captain America: The First Avenger” brings the Marvel superhero to the big screen.

The idea of the super soldier, however—someone enhanced beyond normal human powers for the express purpose of fighting— is nothing new.

Here is a list of the Top 10 coolest movie super soldiers in movies leading up to “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

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With “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and “Real Steel” coming out soon, robots are (pun intended) bigger than ever.

This list complies the Top 10 worst robots in movie history, and since I find that people don’t actually read the Top 10s, they just glance at them (you know it’s true, skimmers), I’m just including video of these ‘bots in all their tragic glory. So there. Watch ‘em and weep.

The Top 10 Worst Robots in Movies

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The problem with most movies based on Stephen King novels is that it is so easy to focus on the monsters, ghosts, or whatever and forget about the characters. And don’t get me wrong – King can and usually does write some fairly broad stereotypes in his books. But he always tries to place these supernatural events smack-dab in the middle of recognizable America. And that means characters that are believable.

Translating these characters to the big screen isn’t easy. According to Wikipedia, 45 movies have been made from his material. Most of them are crazy bad. Even when King himself was given the reins to adapt his own material, he biffed and delivered “Maximum Overdrive” (from Night Shift’s “Trucks”).

Read the Top 10 Stephen King Movie Adaptations.

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“Thor” just came out last Friday, which finally brought a superhero with a proper, iconic weapon into the limelight. Over the years there have been a lot of iconic armaments in film, the mere sight of them enough to draw an avid cinephile into a luscious daydream harkening back to better times.

Today’s list celebrates the most iconic weapons in movie history, ranking the choices by their notoriety and standing within the film community. Read the Top 10 Most Iconic Movie Weapons.

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On any long list of “great” American movies that represents different eras we will have moments of reference, homage, even apparent theft.

Homage is nothing new, but rarely is a film so clearly a love letter from one director to another, as it is in #21 “Chinatown.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more sincere show of respect for a fellow director, as Polanski to Huston in “Chinatown.”

Read 1 Year, 100 Movies #21 Chinatown (1974).

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