Purple & Brown

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Watching this just made me giggle constantly. Basically Aardman animation crossed with humour of a 8 year old. Wondered its used to test out new animators. Long but it becomes endearing after a while.

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Meet Tim Minchin. He’s like Bill Bailey, except Australian.  Here he performs his song ‘Inflatable You’ for a Breast Cancer fundraiser.

Kinda NSFW, but only mildly.


In terms of covers, this should be up there with Mr Cash’s verison of “Hurt”.


Car Football

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How do you road test two small cars of a similar style? With a game of football, of course. Leave it to the BBC’s Top Gear to match Toyota vs. Volkswagon in a game of car football.

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Here’s a send-up of Gerry Anderson’s 60s TV puppet shows by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore.  Which in a way sends-up the Team America film, but then they joked about the puppets, and that’s where half the jokes came from. Anyway, still better than the ghey-fest that was the Commander Riker directed 2005 Thunderbirds film starring Sir Ben Kingsley.  No, really. Sir.  Jump to the extended to view


The Sci-Fi channel is giving folks a chance to check out the pilot of The Amazing Screw On Head, an animated series based on Mike Mignolia’s (Hellboy) graphic novel.  Ol’ Screw-On Head is a spy with no body who works for President Lincoln during the Civil War. 


Adam Buxton (one half of the Adam and Joe Show) gives the coronation of Pope Benedict XVI a little Star Wars perspective

I saw him show this in Edingburgh Fringe Festival couple of years ago. The genius behind the idea made me wonder why no one had tried it before.


In America you have a hospital sitcom called Scrubs. In the UK we have a show called Green Wing, also a hospital sitcom. What amazes me is that the shows are completely different. Try this out.

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Simon “Shaun of the Dead” Pegg’s sitcom Spaced is a cult classic here in the UK. This clip explains why.


Geeks plus Art

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Nice photo, right?  Wrong

Bert Monroy made this photoshop file of the chicago skyline that “Took eleven months, flattened file weighs in at 1.7 Gigabytes and the overall image contains over 15,000 layers.” That’s dedication.