Remember the kid from Norway with the great little afro that brought us the stop-motion gems Amateur and Hyperactive? Well, he’s at it again with a well done short with just the right amount of dark humor. It’s “Us”!

Lasse explains it thusly:

Well, this was kind of an experiment. I wanted to see how it would look if my shadow ran away. I cut myself away from the scene so that only the shadow would remain. The result isn’t 100%, but I think it’s a cute little film..

How it’s made: Filmed 3 different things in each scene (the up the street scene in this example); the location (the street), me running (as me), and me running as the shadow. The sequences were exported from Premiere to seperate image files. In each image, or frame, I had to delete the surroundings so that only me (or only my shadow on that sequence) was visible. I then put the two sequences on top of the location sequence. Voila!

I also did some simple photoshopping on some scenes, like when the shadow is dead on the ground. The smoke in the film is artificial. I filmed myself having a sigarette behind a black cloth, so that the smoke went through (filmed in front of the cloth of course). I could then put it in the film as gunsmoke and breathing, using luma key. Oh, the car isn’t really there either. It was cut in from another clip. The blood is blackcurrant juice

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Cuban Posters

by kaldrazadrim on December 8, 2006

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Propaganda posters de Cuba, mostly from the ‘70s.

Being a graphic designer by trade, I love the power art has to bring social issues to the front of the public’s mind.

Believe the hype!

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Yuko Shimizu

by kaldrazadrim on December 4, 2006 · 1 comment

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She covers everything from children’s illustrations to a very not-so-children’s alphabet project.

Beautiful work from a very talented artist.


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OX-OP Art Gallery

by kaldrazadrim on December 1, 2006

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This Minneapolis, MN gallery has an archive featuring 36 great artists- way too much to see here.

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Tamura Seji

by kaldrazadrim on November 30, 2006

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Gorgeous art and graphics! But come on; can a brother get a thumbnail?

alphamonkey sez: Another phenomenal art find, and yah, the site is in Japanese so don’t expect a lot of exposition unless your browser supports that character set. 

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Yumiko Kayukawa

by kaldrazadrim on November 29, 2006 · 1 comment

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It was really hard to pick a representative image for this beauty’s work. Almost any one of them could have made it to the front page.

She describes her style as “sagacious Japanese tradition in synergy with the jubilant irreverence of American pop culture.”

Go see for yourself!

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You might recognize Tim slowinski’s art from the cover of OYSTERHEAD’s debut album. Very cool style full of social commentary.

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“A visual and aural journey through the formative years – the 1950s through June 1963. This is how they became The Beatles!”


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Are ‘Top Ten’ lists not enough for you, the bad album cover connoisseur? You need an entire museum.

Behold the awfulness!

Some NSFW.

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A: It’s where you can find every question from most episodes of Jeopardy’s 23 years arranged in classic “Blue TV” format with answers that appear on mouse-over.

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