You know, Bob Saget gets a bad rap. Yet, in a stroke of genius, he gets a good video.

Yes, we know Saget hosts a lame-ass video show that features knocks to the balls as if it were the finest comedy man was capable of. We know. Hey, it’s his day job.

If we are to believe Jamie Kennedy, Bob don’t play, he sleeps with models, he bitch-slaps doormen and rolls tha spliff before bustin through tha clubs. But you can’t take anything Jamie says in a rap seriously…I mean…come on…Malibu’s Most Wanted?!

Hey! Is that George Lucas? They musta got him to sign the video contract when his blood sugar was low.

aaaaand yes…i DO believe that’s Paris Hilton on the very same set with Lucas.

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Seemingly in homage to the legendary 1976 chase film Rendezvous, which we featured on the Buddha a few months back, there is a new class of guerilla drivers in Europe who have to do French filmmaker Claude Lelouch one better. Only these guys do it as some sort of defiant garage project from beginning to end, as they choose cars, tune them to ridiculous power and sensitivity and then hit the streets to prove their mettle.

In this, their first chapter, the people of Getaway In Stockholm break the sound barrier with a Porsche 911 Carerra twin turbo, outfitted with multiple cameras which capture their escape from traffic officers and the ensuing chase through early morning Stockholm in gritty detail.

The grinding gears through the narrow pedestrian parkways reminds one of Frankenheimer and DeNiro’s overlooked spy thriller Ronin, but of course, this is no movie set.

…so to speak.

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Japanese girls, punk rock, bubblegum, rockets, claymation – is there NOTHING this video doesn’t have?

Aside from some wierd metal and avante garde acts, Shonen Knife is probably the friendly face of rock from Japan that most people in America know.

Shonen Knife was a trio of cute, but smart pop punkers from Osaka, Japan who caught the eye of such indie-rock fathers as Sonic Youth, Redd Kross, and Nirvana. Tragically, in November of 2005, the Shonen Knife trio was suddenly made a duo, as a fatal car crash claimed the third member Mana Nishimura here in America. The original two members, Naoko Yamano and Atsuko Yamano still write and perform their particular brand of good-time rock.

But enough with all that piffle – let’s take a moment and watch the girls do their giggle-pop at its Day-Glo best. This is Shonen Knife doing the opening track, Ride the Rocket from their American breakthrough album, Let’s Knife!

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If you’re a musician, there’s a good chance that you’ve been there. Playing with “The Rich Kid.”

The Rich Kid has the coolest metal guitar, bought the PA, hey, he even used his dad’s credit card to fix the van when it broke down that one time in Utah – he’s not that good, but he doesn’t totally suck most of the time.

That is…until he gets a little stage fright at your CD release party and has five or six tequilas to calm his nerves.

He makes mistakes in each song.

This makes you make mistakes.

It snowballs.

Until finally…

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There are fanatics, and then there are auteurs. The computer gamer known only as Crimson Sky falls somewhere inbetween the two definitions.
For over a year, Crimson Sky has been creating a one-of-a-kind tribute to his favorite video game Doom3, in the form of a meticulously detailed and technologically astute computer case.

Among other things, Crimson applies motorized doors, airbrushed metal and bondo, and real steamjets to make the case look like it came directly from the game.

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I have a friend who managed to escape the city of New Orleans a couple of days after the storm. She is on staff at Charity Hospital, which you have no doubt heard about in the news by now.She sent this correspondence because she thinks the plight of Charity Hospital, which makes its reputation by healing the poor and uninsured of the city, is being overlooked by the national media, which (of course) is bent on sensationalizing everything in lieu of ratings. This is a short, but powerful blog entry she sent me.

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I know a lot of musicians read this site and that you must be thinking, “Hey, I love my regular cowbell for its party-starting beat-box power, but I wish i could get more than one or two sounds out of it. There’s got to be a better way!”

Well, cowbell afficianados – your wishes have been granted.

Enter the Rad Monkey VLC800 digital modeling cowbell.

Every famous vintage and modern cowbell has been faithfully recreated through thousands of hours of research and development. Such notables as:

The Butterscotch Quail

The Esher West

The Jamske Snowflake

and The Beimacher Black Beauty (supposedly the most sought after knock box in the world. Yeah – the Rad Monkey is that good, people).

Rad Monkey – the digital prescription for your fever, baby!

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Lucas Brunnelle likes doing a few things. He likes riding his bike. He likes music. He likes his video camera. He likes computer hacking. He likes adrenaline. He likes calling himself Boston’s Deadliest Messenger.

He’s not “deadly” like an assasin of the traditional sort. He doesn’t have a collection of cutting-edge weapons, numerous strategically inflated bimbos, or secret shadow government clearance. He assaults city streets instead of evil masterminds seeking to take the world hostage with doomsday devices.

Would you like to see what a multitude of near-impacts with pedestrians and vehicles in rush hour New York City looks like from a helmet cam view?

I know I do.

The picture on the top right of this page is his crew’s NYC drag race – have a look…and wear your helmet!

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Help Kevin, the absentminded astronaut get back to his spaceship using gravity, spinners, finesse and a contraption known as the Giant Penguin Slingshot. GPS for short.

As far as time, this game doesn’t suck it as much as a black hole (which you have to avoid with a well-placed GPS shot), since there’s only 25 levels. That may sound like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, they fly by pretty quickly.

The object of the game isn’t always shooting for the easiest path to the ship, but shooting Kevin on a complex path to hit spinners that give you points for both accuracy and distance. It’s almost like a space-themed pachenko machine. Enjoy.

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It’s always great to find pure masters of craft that aren’t too serious about who they are and what they do. MK12 wreck the bell curve for all the Flash/Shockwave gurus out there that are desperately trying to capture and display their own individual style.

How does MK12 do it?

Just mix n’ match any of the following:

  • B-grade action movies
  • Mad scientists
  • Wind up toys
  • Ninjas
  • Vintage photography
  • Theoretical math
  • Neo-futurism
  • Disco

Voila – instant methamphetamine-dosed technicolor explosions.

Unreal rhinoplasty configurations literally fly by at breakneck speeds, dumping animations steeped in pure genius and whimsy.  You’ve probably already seen this Kansas City-based design lab’s work, but you just didn’t know it.

They’ve done pieces for such high rollers as MTV, VH1, TNT, Diesel, Best Buy, and Adidas.

If you have to start somewhere, Man of Action: The Terrible Cosmic Death is the best place to start.

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