Moral Court

by LeatherSleeves on June 6, 2007

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Moral Court: A great television show…or the greatest television show of all time? 

Presided over by self-proclaimed ‘Republitarian’ Larry Elder, Moral Court ran for 1 season back in 2000 (to terrible reviews), but somehow the show was picked up in syndication in 2006.

alphamonkey sez: Wow, it’s like People’s Court gone retardo.  I bet in Season 2 they were going to reinstate stoning. 

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Before Dan Harman and Rob Schrab created the now beloved Channel101.com, they made a Fox pilot entitled “Heat Vision and Jack”, which was directed by Ben Stiller and starred the likes of Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ron Silver (as himself). Fox chose not to pick this gem up and instead chose to air such masterpieces like “Action”, “Get Real”, and “Time of Your Life”. Enjoy.

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