Ben Folds singing some Dr. Dre?  You heard correct, and I think the contrast from mixing the styles is what makes this the most memorable.  In case you didn’t already guess, the lyrics are NSFW.

alphamonkey sez: If Dr. Dre ain’t your cup of tea, why not give a listen to Ben Fold’s taking on The Postal Service’s ’Such Great Heights‘.


This series is a quick peek into the planning process for life, the universe, and everything called ’Mr. Deity‘.  Its a big job, who couldn’t use an assistant?  Here is the first freakin’ sweet episode, Mr. Deity and the Evil.

You can watch more of the series right here


This web comic is for all my fellow geeks out there who have slung a 20 sided die in the name of a Tolkienesque storyline.  The premise: What if a group of gamers played through The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

alphamonkey sez: For you non-RPG nerds, this is still a damn fine (and funny) web-comic. 


Ok, since we are dishing out some of the French AIDS PSAs, Here is one more, entitled ”Sugar Baby Love“ from the AIDES health NGO that brought you ”My Lollipop“ and ”Baby Baby“. 

This was posted by alphamonkey just about a year ago, and suffice to say it is NSFW


This darkly beautiful piece is an advertisement for FotoPrix.  Its stylish and profound.  Opening shot is NSFW, but it’s artistic and in no way pornographic.


This viral has been bouncing around for a while so I decided to unleash its fury on you.  The title says it all.

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This piece of wordplay is one of the early short films from filmmaker Jason Reitman, (Thank You For Smoking), warning you that you too may need legal protection in the event of unbridled lust.  Might be a little NSFW.

alphamonkey sez: Yah, it’s a repost, but Thundarr’s love of all things Reitman prompted the okay.


I first saw this short at the touring The Animation Show film festival.  The heavy hitters, Don Hertzfeldt, Mike Judge, and Bill Plympton were all represented, this is by far one of my favorites.  Its like Spy Versus Spy with samurai armies.  So sit back and enjoy the goodness that is Versus.


I don’t know how to really describe the collective shorts of Spicy Mac, and more specifically the chock full of Flash goodness that is French Bomber Detective.  Its part thriller, part viral, and a healthy dose of Japanese wackiness.  The trailer is on the main page and the full short film is in 3 parts and all viewable via his site. 


Ok, here is the dilly with this monster of a film.  Aaron Russo started a documentary trying to see if there was any truth to the claim that there is no law the requires Americans to pay income tax.  He didn’t find a law, but then he uncovered a giant pile of lesser known government political dooky that ya gotta see.  The direction isn’t all that great, but the message is too big and important to make it a bad film.  This is literally Cannes standing ovation stuff.  Prepare to lose some sleep over America: From Freedom to Fascism.

alphamonkey sez: By no means is America headed towards fascism, (indeed the correct term for the trend is Authoritarianism), but Hollywood producer Aaron Russo raises a number of points guaranteed to generate debate.  I wholeheartedly disagree with the central point that we shouldn’t have to pay income tax, but there some interesting information in here)