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Have some free time to tax your brain and encourage the inner voices to tempt you into a medicated haze?  Try to complete this Mathematical/Linguistic enigma: Web Puzzle Hell.  You need a firm understanding of numbers, grammar, and the computer to reach the end.  Are you a Renaissance man/woman?  I got to the tenth page (the last challenge) before going fetal with inadequacy.  I miss my therapist… and her drugs.


Ahhh… Freedom of speech.  Tired of those pesky phone calls at dinner time asking you to join a new phone company, to order a new credit card, or to join the local cult?  Live vicariously through Tom Mabe who lavishly dishes out the uneasy emotions we wish telemarketers felt every time they dialed our number.

alphamonkey sez: I’ve wanted to post this guy for ages, but the audio-only format put me off.  Leave it to YTMND to add some eyeball stuff.  Image is The Telemarketer (1989) by Tim Mullins


Dark Movie Trivia

by Matt Landis on October 27, 2006 · 3 comments

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A M&M themed scary movie quiz, which finds you interpreting the symbols to identify movie titles.