One of the many benefits of being friendly with The Scarlet Harlot is that she occasionally sends me random videos like this.

That makes me very happy.

I’ve always loved The Ventures, but I’ve never realized just how solid a paradiddling drummer Mel Taylor was until I saw this live version of Wipeout.

Whoa.  Go Mel.  You rule.

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I spent way too much time playing with this.

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Did you know that Bill & Ted kidnapped Billy The Kid the same year that someone ran off with Officer Perkins’ right leg?

The Movie Timeline is an interesting page that lists notable dates in our favorite films and spans prehistory to the distant future.

Anything happen in the movies the year you were born?

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We often post links to interesting artists here on the buddha, but do you ever find yourself wanting to get your own masterpiece on and yet have no idea what to paint?

Well wonder no more!  In this month’s issue of The New Yorker, columnist Jack Handey offers 15 brilliant ideas to spark one’s imagination.

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Audio Pad

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Is this an instrument of the future?  The learning curve looks pretty fair.


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Question:  What’s 10 times longer, 5 times deeper, and 20 times wider than the Grand Canyon?

Answer:  No, it’s not your mom, silly!  It’s the Mariner Valley on Mars – The biggest canyon in our solar system. 

Click the pic for an intimate animated flyby of this natural wonder, or visit this page at Arizona State University’s website for a unique and informative look.

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Artist Santiago Sierra may have overstepped his bounds this week by introducing a project “to give people a sense of the holocaust”.

What does he do?  Why, he pumps toxic car fumes into a former synagogue of course!  What’s just as unbelievable is that he has hundreds of visitors that want to go inside.

Santiago says the purpose of his work is not to trivialize the tragedy but in my own opinion, I think he’s exploiting it.

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Calling out to all Texan Transbuddhists!

I may not be familiar with your fine republic, but I found this site and these views most interesting.

Zoom in for more fun!

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I had the happy fortune of accidentally stumbling onto this site while doing a Google image search for Sam Cooke.

Here’s some pictures of all the legends!  Everybody from a young & suave Ray Charles, to a debonair Jackie Wilson, to Soul Brother #1, and to the queen of soul herself, her highness, Aretha Franklin.

I was also surprised to find some blue-eyed-soul on the site.  Check out a very young Alex Chilton with his Box Tops, and the lovely Dusty Springfield, rest in peace.

This site even makes Millie Jackson look sexy, even though I’ll never be able to get her 1989 album cover out of my head.  *shudder*

{ Comments on this entry are closed } is worth visiting even if you’re only going to click the cow on the front page.

Go on…..Click it!

There’s plenty more to be found there too, including factual photos and video testimonies to extraterrestrial life that exists…..Out there…..

Cue the theremin!  WhoooOOOOOoooohhhoooooooOOOo…..

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