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Remember You Don’t Know Jack?  Well, the popular irreverent trivia game is back with it’s brand-new website, offering new, playable content every weekday!

You Don’t Know Jack, the notable irreverent quiz-show party game, is back. The site, where high culture and pop culture collide, is updated with new content every weekday and currently boasts 5 new “DisOrDat” questions each week, community and personal scoreboards and more. Mega Church or Condom Brand? International Airline or Erectile Dysfunction Pill? With access to the archives, there are over two months worth of questions to keep you occupied AND help you prepare for the upcoming release of more than 4 brand new 7-question games per month (including the infamous Jack Attack)! 

alphamonkey sez:  Oh, snap!  I can’t possibly tell you how many hours I wasted playing You Don’t Know Jack back in the day.  Once Trivia Pursuit descended into the game version of I Love the 80s/90s, it lost me completely, and YDKJ totally stepped into fill the useless knowledge void.  Thankfully, it seems like the quality of the writing/voice talent is just as high as it was back in the CD-ROM days, and that’s easily one of the best sells of the game.  YDKJ might be the only case in gaming history where the irreverent commentary and joke filled voice overs are exactly as funny as the creators think it is, but most importantly it’s just a kick ass trivia game.

So believe you me, I’m happy to see its return.  Also, they might have the best registration form questions of all time.  Have at it, folks

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