The first thing you’ve got to know is that these are all very fast improvisations since the emulsion hardens quickly after the picture is snapped. I’ve got ten minutes, max, from taking the shot to messing it up, and once they’re messed with, there’s no going back.

Normal photographers get to play with their negatives, making multiple prints until they get it right.

Not me. My positives are my negatives.

What I do is PHYSICAL to the actual Polaroid. I only get one shot at getting it right.

Painters do quick sketches in charcoal or pencil, then erase, recompose, make corrections before filling in the color with oils. Make a mistake? Just paint over it until it’s right.

Modern computer artists can achieve my effects using Power Goo and other graphics programs where they can work on the picture for hours to get it just right.

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