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Perspective is often confused with 3D – which is not quite true, because the third dimension (Depth) is only “simulated”. Therefore, 2½D would be a more appropriate expression. Stereoscopic imaging (or “real 3D”), however, requires a minimum of two pictures, simulating our two eyes. This can either be accomplished by using traditional photography (stereo photography), computers (for example Virtual Reality) or Lasers (Holography).

3D-Images can either be displayed as stereo pairs in a 3D-viewer (for slides or prints), or on a computer screen. Other formats include anaglyph pictures (requiring red-green or red-blue 3D-Glasses) and digital stereo projection (either with “passsive” polarized 3D glasses or with “active” LCD Shutter glasses).

Take the image above and cross your eyes to view a 3D image in between!  Check out the gallery here

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Here’s a listing of Entertainment Weekly’s 25 worst sequels.

I personally liked a few of them, but I’d say they’re dead on on the rest.

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Sort of…

According to my sources these images are taken from a Korean magazine. The pictures are for a World of Warcraft Movie currently under production in China. 

These people are oblivious to how ridiculous they look. Its embarassing how they allowed this to be passed off as Warcraft.

Be prepared to have a good laugh.

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Behold: The Best Worst Ads of Gaming!

From the article:

Finding atrocious advertisements in early 90s gaming magazines isn’t exactly a trick. It’s actually more difficult to find an advert that doesn’t assault you with incomprehensible imagery, broken English, overexcited endorsements from people with really bad haircuts, and if you’re lucky, jokes at the expense of your hot dog.

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Project Best Buy, wherein Improv Everywhere recruits 50 people to walk into a Best Buy wearing their trademark blue and khaki.  Hilarity doth ensue.

This was frickin funny as hell.  I think I would have freaked out if I worked at Best Buy when this happened.

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Okay, so maybe it’s a little late this year, but maybe next year you can take your special someone to your very own private island.  Because really, who doesn’t want their own island?

From the site:

Welcome to Private Islands Online, the World’s #1 resource for everything Private Islands. With the largest database of private islands for sale and private islands for rent , we are the point of reference for serious Island enthusiasts. We invite you to browse through our listings of hundreds of available private islands from all over the globe. Whether it’s a tropical island washed by the warm Caribbean, or a pine-covered hideaway in a northern lake, you’re sure to find an island for sale for every taste and budget. It’s time to turn the dream into reality. Explore the possibilities�

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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

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RSStroom Reader concept prints up toilet paper news

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Merry Xmas

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Something to Be Desired is an ongoing internet video series that follows a group of deejays at the fictitious WANT FM in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s funny, it’s frank and it’s frustrating—which pretty much sums up life in your mid-20s. And that’s where most of the cast and crew of STBD find themselves.

Check it out!

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