Britain’s most notorious graffiti artist has made his mark on the Israeli Separation Wall on the Palestine border.

Banksy (born 1975) is a graffiti artist of great popularity from Bristol, UK. His stencils have become popular throughout London and appear around the world, although he carefully manages to keep his real name from the mainstream media. However, many newspapers assert that his real name is Robert or Robin Banks, which seems highly unlikely, given the similarity to “Robbing Banks”.

Banksy’s anarchist ratBanksy is widely considered to be a talented artist; he uses his original street art form to promote alternative aspects of politics from those promoted by the mainstream media. In doing so he helps provide a voice for the urban unheard, in a manner which improves the quality of their surroundings, and to which they can easily relate. This political purpose behind the so-called “Criminal Damage” is reminiscent of the Ad Jammers or subvertising movement, who deface corporate advertising to change the intended message and hijack the advert.

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